A Little About Me

I'm Pam.

I’ve loved Jesus since I was a child.
My parents told me I could talk to Jesus anytime, anywhere, and I believed them. If I made a mistake, I was sent to my room to talk to Jesus about it. He’s seen the best and the worst of me and yet He loves me anyway. He brought Glenn and me together in the early 70's and we're still married! He pursued us when we were lost and rebellious and led us back into the safety of our Father’s spiritual household. Along the way, God blessed us with two extraordinary human beings, a son and daughter. Now we enjoy the blessings of grandchildren and a close family. You might say that Glenn and I are a rare vintage set, rather worn by time (and too many flaws to list) but still together.

Yes, Jesus has seen it all and He still loves us.

My happy place is in God’s word. It’s why I have to write. I journal my questions, search for answers and delight as He reveals His heart to me in Bible study. With the world pressing in on all sides, God’s word gives me safe harbor to think freely and hear HIS thoughts. It’s my food. I wake up hungry for the Truth and tend to snack on it all day long when possible. I want to test the spirits, question, wonder, stretch, and learn without fear of judgment.

Time is short. Lukewarm will not suffice for the days ahead.

I find that my imperfections make me a fit messenger when God calls me to show up. That’s why I love prison ministry and the women of the Ellen Halbert Unit in Burnet, Texas. I’ve seen the Holy Spirit change lives for eternity when we open God’s word together.

I’m a country girl at heart, eager to garden, pull weeds, hug the horses, talk to the chickens, and enjoy the vast outdoor space around me. I find it satisfying and a good way to exercise.

Although I still squirm when I must confront my own fears, overcome my own preferences, and question my own opinions, I want to press deeper to seek God’s truth.
Don’t you?

That’s why I’m excited about the journey we’ll take together as you read my next book. It starts out with my struggle with pain, but I pray that you will find your story of growth and renewal in it as we follow Jesus into the kingdom.

But enough about me...

God wants to know what’s on your heart…

Oh, how I wish I could hear a little about you. Let’s get connected.