Hi. I’m Pam.

I’m glad you’re here.

I have something I’d like to show you.

It’s God’s Goodness.

We live in a chaotic time on earth.

Looking around at the spectacular mess we’ve made down here, I’m struck by our need for wisdom and a God-sized perspective.

I hope you’ve come to study the Bible with me.

Our circumstances are screaming for our attention, but God calls us to look up.

Find your eternal purpose, your true identity as a child of God living on this earth.

Dig into God's word and find out what it really means to
seek the kingdom first”. Matthew 6:33

Be a spiritual FIRST RESPONDER.

Our Bibles tell us to watch for the signs of the last days, but people are worried, confused and fighting back fear. Rather than prepping for mere survival on earth, what would happen if we truly applied the words of Christ?

In this book you'll take a faith-stretching, soul-searching journey into God's word. Pam's story begins with an accident, her struggle with pain, and her dialogue with Jesus on an adventure of faith and renewal. She reminds us that we can follow Him into the kingdom, discuss every trial together, and learn as we go.