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Let’s admit it. Our Bibles tell us to watch for the signs of the last days, but people are worried, confused and fighting back fear. We wonder, “How do I respond?”
Rather than prepping for mere survival on earth, what would happen if we truly applied the words of Christ?
Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness… Mt. 6:33
Be a Spiritual First Responder.
Pam’s story begins with an accident, her struggle with pain, and her dialogue with Jesus on an adventure of faith and renewal. She reminds us that we can follow Him into the kingdom, discuss every trial together, and learn as we go. Join her on a faith-stretching journey and claim your God-given eternal perspective.

  • Experience true peace when your world falls apart.
  • Overcome fear, doubt and worry.
  • Identify and outsmart your emotions.
  • Learn to get rid of unclean spirits.
  • Discover your heritage in the kingdom of righteousness.
  • Know the purpose of the coming woes and the warning for the church.
  • Distribute God’s truth and mercy to a broken and hurting world.

Most people prefer a lullaby when it comes to a relationship with God. We’ve all behaved like babies for too long. We want someone to sing us to sleep again and tell us they’ll take care of everything for us. As the warning signs appear across the planet, sincere believers find hope and a call to action…
Pam Stevenson challenges you to examine the most basic Biblical principles and apply them without compromise.
Prepare to experience a breakthrough. Enjoy healed relationships. Live your purpose.
While there’s still time… draw closer to God by digging deep into His Word.
Find out what He expects of His children.
We have a job to do. It’s time to grow up and learn the family business!